Friday, January 21, 2011

DeeBakes wins!

With 14 players in tourney 1 playing stellar donkey poker, DeeBakes and his storm trooper survive to win a ton of BSOP points and 45% of all the money.

Tonights booze

Islay single malt scotch whisky Bruichladdich. More to come!

Bourbonator Scores

Here are the current scores for the BSOP Trophy after 1/21/11. I apologize for any of the names that might be misspelled.

16 Colin
38 J-Lo
14 Cam
52 Zach
30 Tony
53 Darren B
30 Danny
4 Mark M
15 Mark J
58 Tim
39 Chris
34 Jon B
41 Darren L
8 Mike V
6 Bryan C
41 Ross
14 Matt C
16 Matt B
23 Andy
10 James
22 Jeff
17 Marshall

Cracking the seal

I think it's time to take the lid off of this or some other strange analogy and make the first post. I've invited several members to join me here and tell the story of Bourbonators, our whiskey club.

Tonight is our first meeting of 2011. It's friggin' cold here so some tasty whiskey will probably hit the spot nicely.