Friday, May 31, 2013

Spring thaw with a splash of severe storms

Winter, we think, has finally ended. Longest friggin' winter ever. So we got our March meeting out of the on the last possible moment. 

This month we are tasting the 15 year single barrel Balvenie. 

The details for our bottle are shown above. Tornado warnings are in the area. This whisky was really quite good. As you might expect from a single barrel, it's got a bit of burn. But the taste is outstanding. Smoky and a balance of peat. Not too sweet. I think this would be great with a view drops of water to help with the burn.

I'm out of the first tournament. Just couldn't get anything going and someone always had better cards no matter where mine started. Sigh.

British Tony and I might bring home the trophy tonight. I'm gonna need something to happen the second tournament, and tony to finally bust from this one. Double sigh.