Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bourbonator Glasses

Just like last time, if you want a glass (or more) in the next run, replay to this post.  I will update the table below as I get time.

We will be getting the same glasses as before. Link

Include the number of glasses you want, the logo for each glass, and the name you want on the back.  There may be a choice of font, but we'll deal with that later.

Cost will be approximately $10 per glass.

I would like to have the list by the end of February.

Logo Choices

Logo 1 Logo 2

Font 1 is the same font as "Bourbonators" on the front.
Font 2 is a celtic font.
Font 1                                                Font 2

RequestorLogoName on glassFontComments
ExampleColin PLogo 1colinFont 2Name all in lowercase
1Erik SLogo1EFont 2
2Brian LLogo 1BrianFont 2
3Tim WLogo 2OhCaptainFont 1Note the capital O and C
4Alex FLogo 1AlexFont 1
5Brandon SLogo 2SheepdogFont 2
6Lee GLogo 2GiornoFont 2
7Lee GLogo 13:16 DTAFont 1Note space between 3:16 and DTA
8Rob SLogo 1StilesFont 2
9Craig HLogo 1C-RageFont 2
10TonyLogo 1British TonyFont 2
11Jon BLogo 1BlixtFont 2
Updated 02/03/2016