Sunday, January 12, 2014

The book was found and returned so now I have the poker points and the whiskeys we've tried all updated  and current like. Hosting at my new house for the first time helped to work the kinks out of planning an event here. Hopefully, next time I host, it won't be snowing. My driveway ain't for the tractionally limited folk.

I thought I took a picture of this month's whiskey, but right now, I can't find it. We tried High West Rendezvous Rye. Kind of funny story why. Tony and I stopped over at Apollo Liquors - Best Buy with a budget of around $60. We were thinking scotch but were surprised to find at that price point, there was pretty much only cask strength. We had freezing rain and snow in the forecast and figured 120 proof probably wasn't the best plan. I was kind of hankering a rye and we thought this bottle looked cool.

When we got to the van, we discovered that Whiskey Advocate gave this a 95. I think the group found it acceptable. I liked its hint of sweet and probably should have given it a few drops of water. We all drank it neat. The spice was surprising. I think most everyone approved but I don't think many were wowed or overwhelmed.

There was nothing left at the end of the night.

DeeBakes has volunteered to host next month. More to come.