Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pay Schedule

Here is my first draft at coming up with a set, formulaic pay schedule based on number of players. The formula is: First place gets 1/2 the total rounded up to the nearest $5. Second place gets 1/2 of what first place got, rounded down to the nearest $5. Third place gets half of second, rounded down, and so on, always rounding down after first place. The correction column represents the money left after following the formula. The spreadsheet won't let me add this money back in, because that changes the amounts used to calculate this amount, and it recurses into a tailspin. Maybe someone more skilled with spreadsheets than I can figure out how to handle this, but my proposal is this: if the correction amount is 5, it goes to the winner; if it is 10, first and second each get 5; if it is 15, first, second, and third each get 5 extra. If I figure out how to attach a file I can post the actual spreadsheet document, otherwise here is the table:


  1. I'm just throwing this out as an idea so don't flame me but could the extra be thrown in the kitty for future drinking if it's only $5 and if it's $10 still $5 for the kitty and $5 for the winner?

  2. I'm not opposed to that. I was going to say that I would agree with it but only for larger crowds, but on the other hand, if there is a small crowd we will be less likely to be able to cover the cost in the first place, so maybe it is not unreasonable. On the other, other hand, if we consider we normally get $35-$45 bottles, and we normally have more than 10 people, the kitty should build up quick. On the other, other, other hand, we discussed starting to buy two bottles whenever we know there's going to be a large crowd, that could start eating into the kitty... I'll stop rambling now, just food for thought...

  3. The kitty idea is growing on me. This last months bottle was just sooooo good and it was $80. I'd like to hit that shelf a little more frequently :)

    Besides, it's tough when we get 15 guys to split up one bottle. I mean we were seriously considering using a pipette to measure everyone's serving to make sure we had enough. Lagavulin was that good.

    Maybe I'm obsessing a little.