Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Payout structure

Darrin did the hard part, we now have the payout structure as a tab on this site. Check it out and lets here what you think.


  1. Looks pretty good. How did you come up with the structure?

  2. 1st place is 1/2 the total pool, rounded up to the nearest $5. 2nd place is 1/2 of 1st place, rounded down to the nearest $5. 3rd place is 1/2 of 2nd rounded down, and so on, always rounding down after 1st place. After this, there was from $0-15 left over in each row. The club members present at the March meeting agreed that $5 of the leftover money (where available) would go into the kitty to allow us to get more expensive whiskeys and scotches in the future. If there was $10 leftover, then $5 to the kitty and $5 to first place. If there was $15, it would be $5 to the kitty, $5 to first place, and $5 to second.