Friday, January 18, 2013

Costco has a very interesting store brand whisky

So, Tony found out that Costco has a 20 year old single malt Scottish whisky for sale at about $50. Sounded interesting, how bad could it be? It was finished in a sherry cask...that's usually a plus.

As it turns out, it's pretty darn good. Lightly sweet with a spicy finish, pretty much everyone was very pleasantly surprised with how it tasted. Maybe the rest of the guys will chime in and discuss this more.

We had 13 players for tonight's first tournament. I started by running decent hands into slightly better decent hands but some how avoided a lot of traps. In the end, I finished second and paid for the night. Ah, poker. How I miss you.


  1. When is the 10 year anniversary of Bourbonators?

  2. We were talking about that last night. It was started in 2003 but no one knew exactly which month. Should we plan something?

  3. Here is Saturday's DrinkHacker review of this Costco scotch. They give it an 'A-'

  4. Nice review! Pretty much sounded like the consensus of the group. I'll be recommending it while it lasts and may even pick up a a bad idea...