Saturday, June 22, 2013

John B. Stetson Straight Bourbon Whiskey or June Whiskey Club

June Bourbonators has come and gone. Sucks to be those of you that didn't make. I paid $28 and change for this. It was actually a decent bourbon.  I did chase it with Lagavulin, but with a splash of water, this was an excellent sipping whiskey. An excellent value for the money. If you are paying attention, I'm watching "Beer Wars" behind the picture. Never seen it? Watch it. It's why I mock InBev or Miller Coors beer. Go craft beer!

90 Shilling was my beer of choice tonight. I think I made several converts. AA and KK were not my friends. I lost most of my poker hands getting it all in ahead. Variance is a bitch. 


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