Monday, April 28, 2014

Bourbonator glasses

Until I find a better way, if you want a glass (or more) in the next run, replay to this post.  I will update the table below as I get time.

We will be getting the same glasses as before. Link

Include the number of glasses you want, the logo for each glass, and the name you want on the back.  There may be a choice of font, but we'll deal with that later.

Cost will be approximately $8 per glass.

I would like to have the list by June's meeting so we can talk about the final price and order then.

Logo Choices

Logo 1 Logo 2

Font 1 is the same font as "Bourbonators" on the front.
Font 2 is a celtic font.
Font 1                                                Font 2

RequestorLogoName on glassFontComments
1Colin PLogo 1colinFont 2Name all in lowercase
2Colin PLogo1cfpFont 2Name all in lowercase
3Tim WLogo 1+1Font 2
4Tim WLogo 2Forgot mineFont 1
5Chris NLogo 1NibsterFont 1
6Chris NLogo 2 NibsterFont 2
7Russ SLogo 1RussFont 2
8Russ SLogo 1Reality is FluidFont 1If quote is too long use Russ instead
9Lee GLogo 1Lee G.Font 2
10Lee GLogo 2Jack HighFont 1
11Nick GLogo 1GiornoFont 2
12Nick GLogo 2NickFont 2
13Steve HLogo 1SteveFont 2
14Steve HLogo 2SteveFont 1
15Fausto CLogo 1CabralFont 2
16Fausto CLogo 2CabralFont 2
17AaronLogo 2AaronFont 1
18John TLogo 1PickleFont 2
19Derek HLogo 1HarlowFont 1
20Derek HLogo 1GMPDFont 1
21DarrenLogo1deebakesFont 1Name all in lowercase
22DarrenLogo 2deebakesFont 2Name all in lowercase
Updated 6/26/2014


  1. I would like one with each logo for a total of 2 glasses.

    Logo 1 glass: Lee G.

    Logo 2 glass: Jack High

    Doesn't matter to me font type. Thanks guys for doing this, all who are involved.

  2. I want 2 glasses, both with logo #1.

    I want my name "Russ" on one glass.

    On the other, I want "Reality is Fluid". If that is too many letters than my name will suffice.

    Thank you very much for all your efforts!

  3. I would like 2 please.
    Logo 1 glass: Giorno
    Logo 2 glass: Nick

    Font 2 for both

  4. Just one glass
    Logo 1
    Name: Steve
    Font 2

  5. I want one of each logo with Cabral added to each. Use font 2

  6. I'll take 1 glass. Logo 2. Font 1.

    Name: Aaron

  7. One of each logo. Logo 1 with Font 1. Logo 2 with Font 2. Name on both: Nibster

  8. I put the fonts I would like in a previous comment.

    Sorry I missed this month's meeting, hope the whiskey wasn't too great, ha.

  9. Colin - I'll actually get a second glass - both with the name Steve, but one with Logo 1 and Font 2 and the other with Logo 2 and Font 1 - just to be difficult. So, two glasses, not one. Thanks

  10. Derek Harlow 2 gasses
    Glass 1: Derek Harlow - font 1 - logo 1
    Glass 2: GMPD - font 1 - logo 1

    1. Actually just" Harlow" for glass one instead of full name.

  11. I will take two glasses if it isn't too late. i'll go with logo 2. can i custom out the font and get a graphic added like my other ones?

    1. We're trying to keep it simple this time, so I'm going to say no on the custom font and graphic.

    2. I guess i will go with the following, with "deebakes" in all lowercase.

      Glass 1: Logo 1, Font 1
      Glass 2: Logo 2, Font 2