Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meeting scheduled, poker points and horse races

If I understand Zack's chicken scratching performed with a pen on a little legal pad, poker points are updated. Looks like DeeBakes and myself are a top of the leader board until a week from Friday. We will be meeting May 20th.

Darrin's post about the Single Oak Project has me intrigued and incredibly thirsty. Not to mention, I still have a post to do about last month's tasty beverage. The Highland Park 15 year needs some attention. Anyone else care to do a review? Tony?

The horse race comes from the fact that our poker points leader board is jam packed at the top. Right now it's anyone's game. Of course, DeeBakes is really the guy to beat. I'd focus on taking him out.

I'm game for any suggestions for whiskeys to try. I'm sure I'll take a trip to Apollo, HyVee and Andys in the next few days doing "research".

In the mean time, I highly recommend reading this article from the Huffington Post entitled "Poker Players Are Nearly As Skilled As Baseball Players, Freakonomics Economist Finds". I've enjoyed reading the other stuff from the Freakonomics guys, their take on stats and research is really quite fascinating. There's some flaws in this one too but you should still find it interesting.

Let me know what you think!

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