Thursday, August 2, 2012

Apollo's Own Lot #188 Hand-Selected Bourbon

Seems the guys over at Apollo Liquor went out and got themselves a barrel of bourbon. I was thinking it might be fun to get a bottle of this although I haven't checked out the price to see if there is budget and kitty room. If someone does happen over there, let me know if you find out the price, otherwise I may try to get over there tonight. here's the text from the email for your enjoyment:
Ari, Sam, and Crew Went Bourbon Shopping and Buought a Barrel. The Bourbon is now available in all apollo stores. It is a single barrel Bourbon whiskey. Hand selected - It is a one of a kind barrel. Hurry! Once it is goneĆ¢€”it is gone! Ari sampled 6 different barrels from the famous Barton 1792 distillery from all different areas of the barrel house. This specific barrel was aged 9.5 years and was tasted at 126 proof. It was hand bottled at 94proof. The barrel yielded 24 cases. Half of the whiskey went to the Angels Share! It has a little more rye in the mix than most Bourbons! Therefore it has a rich complex flavor without too much sweetness. Ari says, "I have been waiting since May for it to come in. It took me 30seconds to crack the first bottle and it was amazing! "
I was also noticing that Ari has a blog. You can check it out here.

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  1. If you liked this month's bourbon, it's on sale at Apollo until the 28th for $25.